About José

My name is Jose De Leija. I am a woodcrafter by chance with a passion for design. I began designing and working on small wood projects as a hobby which slowly transitioned into crafting unique furniture for myself. The hobby was a thing of the past after a family member requested a particular design that launched this passion of mine of making peoples visions into reality.

I can’t define my style as one in particular, as I enjoy having free range with my visions, while always including my client’s input. Prior to starting a project, I pay close attention to the lines and curves of the raw material as I allow it to “speak” to me. I have created some signature pieces with my resin work as I enhance the wood material with hints of resin to fill the voids and hollows or with resin rivers that flow with the grain of the wood. My wood of choice is the black walnut and claro walnut wood as they are filled with an array of rich colors.

All products are sourced from either black walnut or claro walnut wood. JD Woodcraft Designs uses only FDA approved epoxy resin. Charcuterie boards are treated with several coats of FDA approved mineral oil and sealed with an FDA approved beeswax/oil conditioner.